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All Heavens was founded in 1992 by Delhi based entrepreneur.

Situated in the heart of a populated "upper-middle-class" and "high class" neighbourhood, the concept was simply to create a cozy environment that was well suited to have great conversations, serve quality freshly cooked meals and offer great wine and dine selections.

After 23 years of fine-tuning, product development, and tons of hard work, we have what you see today!

We are defined as a “main stream” hospitality company that caters to the community and local businesses. We provide friendly & attentive service in a relaxed environment by staff and owners that truly enjoy their job.


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All Heavens is a well-known landmark, on Wazirpur Ring Road, New Delhi "since 1992".


Lawrence Road

We give you our all New Hotel with an amazing Golden Concept at Lawrence Road, New Delhi.



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